Photo by Wade Kelly

Friday, December 12 (Rain date Monday, December 15)

Several residents in Gem Lakes plan to place luminaries along the roadway in front of our properties on the date listed above. As a trial this year, residents of Lakeside and cul-de-sacs adjacent to Lakeside are invited to participate. If participation is high, we would like to make this an annual event in Gem Lakes, as it has been in the past.

Should this become an annual activity in the future, bags and candles will be available for purchase. However, due to time constraints and uncertainty of participation, residents who plan to participate this year will need to purchase white lunch bags and utility candles (available at WalMart, Target, etc.).

There are no guidelines as to spacing of luminaries. However, a few safety tips are listed below.

  • Put at least 2 inches of dirt, kitty litter, sand or other non-burning material in the bottom of the bag. This keeps the bags from blowing over or possibly catching on fire.
  • Place candles as level as possible. Most votive utility candles will burn ~ 6 hours if it isn’t windy
  • Prepare your bags in advance when dirt is dry.

Happy Holidays !

Terry Vought, Lakeside Drive, 803-221-6587
Joyce Stanley, Recreation Drive, 649-3836
Vicki Thomas, Lakeside Drive, 642-6394

Spooky to be Hungry Food Drive a Success

A message from Sharon Filler:
“As I have said many times, ‘Gem Lakes is a wonderful place to live.’ Spooky to be Hungry was a huge success because of our residents’ generosity and their commitment to help others. We collected 1,752 pounds of food and $1,390.  This was our 9th year of participation. If you would like to help next year, please call me at 648-3973.”