It has come to our attention that some who walk their dogs along the pathways in Gem Lakes are not being a good neighbor and cleaning up after them. Dog waste is a threat to the health of our children,  PLEASE clean up after your pet….  Thank you.

Pavilion Reservation and Use Rules

=pavilionAssociation members in good standing are permitted to use the Pavilion.  A $50 deposit is required to insure the proper cleanup of the Pavilion and return of any items borrowed from the Association.  If lake swimming is anticipated and the number of guests in excess of 25 people advance payment for additional lifeguards will be needed.

The reservation of the Pavilion does not grant the user exclusive use rights to any other Recreation Area facilities.

Contact Johnny Spears, the Recreation Area Manager, at 502-1458 to reserve the Pavilion.  Current Pavilion reservations can be viewed on the Recreation Area Calendar.  Be sure to review the calendar prior to your event.

Please note that use of Air Soft guns in the Recreation Area is prohibited. Reasons include risk of death caused by being shot by a real gun (these guns look real, especially when the yellow piece is removed) and damage to the facility. We have spent over $100 on repairs to the pavilion fans/bulbs due to the use of these guns. Parents will be held liable for these costs in the future since we have security cameras.

Gem Lakes Recreation Area Rules

boats on lakeThe Board of Directors has developed rules for the safety and enjoyment of the Association member’s and their guests as they use the Gem Lakes Recreation Area.  The Board encourages members to familiarize themselves and their families with the rules and to notify the Recreation Area Manager or a Board member of infractions.


  • Address of the Gem Lakes Recreation Area is 108 Recreation Drive
  • In the case of an emergency situation please call 911
  • In the case of a non-emergency situation please call 803-642-7620 in addition to Rec Mgr.  Johnny Spears at 502-1458 or Security Mgr. Bill Mathison at 643-3035


Gem Lake Community Dams Aiken

Gate Policy

Gate to pavilion area will be open beginning Memorial Day from 10 AM to 8 PM until school starts.  May, August and September, weekends when lifeguards are not on duty, Johnny will open the gate.  After that the gate will only be open if a resident has a party scheduled or there is work to be done in the pavilion/beach area.

Pavilion Rules

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Gem Lakes Recreation Area Calendar/Reserved Pavilion Dates

The Board of Directors has developed this calendar to track the use of the Pavilion and to mark events sponsored by the Association.

Gem Lakes Recreation Area Fishing Practices and Rules

The Board of Directors is currently developing practices and additional rules for fishing on the lakes to improve the experience for each interested Association member.  As always no fishing is permitted in the swimming area or from the swimming dock.

See available fish species

Gem Lakes Recreation Association Dock Management Program

The Board of Directors instituted the program to address the safety concerns associated with private docks on the four Gem Lakes.  Dock Program     Dock Inspection Report